Room for Good is a curated flexible home sharing platform

Our team is comprised of passionate leaders who share these values and have a track record driving social change with resulting impact.

As housing prices rise and budgets for social services (education, safety net, environment) are stretched thin, finding affordable, safe, housing is a problem.

We need to do something! Room For Good can make change now.

Room For Good members - Staff and home providers (either those who own or rent) who have space in the city can feel secure because their agreements are with Room For Good. We facilitate a flexible path to a relevant, curated, vetted match. “Room For Gooders,” we fondly call our members, match with those with aligned values, working in a field they care deeply about.

Our business model also reflects core values of civics and community enhancement. We help property owners enhance and beautify neglected spaces, give $$ back to the community and provide micro-loans to public good professionals. Behind the scenes we enjoy profit sharing and capped pay for our leadership team.

The Team 

The team is a diverse group of scientists, business leaders, researchers, designers, creatives and engineers who are passionate about making the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Our philosophy and approach:

We design for experience and utilize a service design philosophy which prioritizes stakeholder needs, motivations, goals and behaviors.

The functionality of the service requires that platform features, details and service strategies are orchestrated for all stakeholders in a system.

In order to truly solve the quagmires of today’s world we believe in using a human-centered, technologically inspired, holistic lens with which we design, envision and implement for the real world where people help each other.

Melissa Cliver

Co-founder Room For Good

Bay Area Civic Service Design

Principal Service Designer, Researcher and Business Strategy Consultant

Room For Good is my newest collaboration and civic initiative. I lead a strategic projects specializing in early stage citizen centered / user experience, service design, research, and business model development. Usually my projects are for clients. I have learned a tremendous amount about interaction design, how people move through life and what makes a service platform successful. This project is not form me it is for cities and the people that live and work in them.

Past clients and partners:

Code For America, Future Proof, Intel Labs, Cisco, The Gates foundation, Women and Girls Lead, The Institute for Money Technology and Financial Inclusion, Intel labs, The Mayo Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Brooklyn Art (founder / curator), 31Grand Gallery (co-founder / owner), Nordstrom Innovation, Women In Product, Artefact, and Grameen Foundation.

Masters in Design - Service, Interaction and Communication Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Fine Art - Photography & semiotics Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts

 Nicole Cousino

Co-founder Room For Good

Founder/CEO of Nature Commode, LLC, an integrated sustainable sanitation/nutrient reclamation solution

A thought leader in the civic circle economy and sustainability champion, with over 20 years in program development and management in the commercial, government, and nonprofit sectors. I bring to RoomForGood a diverse skill set in strategic development, resiliency planning, renewable resource application and creative communication. 

I was at the forefront of another civic sustainable movement: waste grease-to-biodiesel. Well before there was mainstream awareness about this alternative fuel, I led two landmark projects, the first waste grease-to-biodiesel demonstration projects in the United States. This very successful project generated national and international media attention, including coverage by CNN, BBC, NPR, and USA Today.

I'm committed to true transformation and the advancement of society toward smart, planet friendly existence.

Masters in Landscape Architecture UC Berkeley

Masters of Fine Art Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts

Aashna Shah

EXYGY Business Growth Strategist

During college, Aashna founded Gleam, a health-tech startup that is on a mission to improve accessibility to quality behavioral health care in underserved communities. Aashna drives business development at Exygy, helping develop partnerships with high impact organizations. Aashna graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Macaulay Honors College at the City College of New York, CUNY with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in psychology. She also has given a TEDx talk, ‘Life Without a License to Live.’

Zach Berke

EXYGY Founder & Managing Partner

Zach is dedicated to scalable purpose-driven projects whose impact is best served by Exygy’s unique blend of strategy, human-centered design, and agile software engineering.


Room For Good Engineering and design

Exygy is a digital innovation and engineering studio on a mission to build resilient and healthy communities. Helping impact-focused organizations to rethink experiences and create digital products that solve their problems and delight users. 

Their clients include the UN World Food Program, Skoll Foundation,, USAID, theCities of San Francisco and New York, UNICEF, and Girls Who Code.

Catherine Higgins

Room For Good Domain Expert and Operations

Director of Procurement - NeighborWorks America (National Affordable Housing Program)

As a congressionally chartered, nonpartisan nonprofit, NeighborWorks America helps build strong, resilient communities by providing people with opportunities to live in safe, healthy and affordable housing. NWA builds the skills, supplements the funding and amplifies the reach of grassroots organizations so they can leverage additional resources to achieve their missions: To help individuals, families and communities thrive through comprehensive approaches to affordable housing and community development.

Catherine brings decades of demonstrated experience in strategic planning, contracting and procurement, monitoring and compliance, vendor relations, project management, finance and budget, information systems, nonprofit development and management, government, and consulting, she is also fluent in Spanish.

Accomplishments include founding and serving as Executive Director of the nonprofit SENAMOVIL - a program dedicated to serving homeless living on the streets of Santiago, Chile. Authored grant funded by the Chilean Ministry of Justice, National Service for Youth (SENAME - Servicio Nacional de Menores). Acted as the chief development executive and administrator of all aspects of the program: public relations, fundraising, budget/financial oversight, human resources, program operations.

Masters in Public Administration The University of Washington; Certificate in Nonprofit Management; federal Presidential Management Internship (Fellows) program.


John Montgomery

LEGAL: Corporate Transformation Specialist and Benefit Corporation Expert

Lex Ultima helps corporations and their leaders unleash the full majesty of their potential. We empower leaders with the science of leadership so that they can unleash the full potential of those who have chosen them as leaders. We help them transform their corporations into benefit corporations, a new form of for-profit corporation that transcends the inherent limitations of shareholder primacy.

Kim Sevcik

REPORTING AND COMMUNICATIONS: Director of International Engagement and Impact

Kim’s lifelong work has revolved around mobilizing social change through designing strategic engagement campaigns and crafting powerful narratives that inspire community-driven solutions to complex challenges. Melissa and Kim worked together on the initiative; Women and Girls Lead Global ( which harnesses the power of media to improve girls’ and women’s lives in eight countries worldwide. Working in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, Women and Girls Lead Global (WGLG) is bringing documentary films into mountain villages, urban slums, and classrooms in the rain forest, sparking conversation and movement-building around issues such as child marriage, early unplanned pregnancy, and gender-based violence. In this role, Kim also led the development of a new participatory evaluation platform that streamlines and structures qualitative data - at scale. Melissa was part of this work and continues to build on the act of social impact reporting with a qualitative lens. This will be a large part of the reporting for Room For Good. Kim was formerly a journalist covering India and Africa for Mother Jones and Rolling Stone.

Dana Lawrence

FINANCE: Audit Risk and Compliance - Azlo banking

Anne Cocquyt 

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: Executive director Women In Product and founder of The Guild

Anne builds communities and is a results driven, passionate entrepreneur, advisor, and (co-)founder of successful startups and non-profits; Senior manager and former management consultant in the corporate world at Genentech, Shell, Telekom, Orange, T-Mobile and Philips.

Anne’s journey across four continents is driven by her passion for transforming ideas into reality and leading cross-functional teams to implementation. Anne has successfully founded and led a broad range of projects, startups and non-profits in multiple industries ranging from IT outsourcing to hardware consumer products, social networking communities, cancer prevention, digital health and biotech.

Wiebke Poerschke 


UX Design Consultant End-to-End UX and platform (CRM) designer with extensive experience in mobile, web design and research. Working closely with product and engineering, proven track record in shipping useful and delightful products.

- UX design for Android and iOS apps
- desktop and web design
- Accessibility/Usability pro
- Wireframing and prototyping
- Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut
- Actionscript 3, HTML, CSS

Gregory Roberts


Greg specializes in creating successful sponsorships and partnerships supporting ambitious engagements for non-profit organizations and humane values based companies in alignment with his core mission of authentic sustainability and genuine progressivism. Greg works with enormous integrity and offers great depth of thought, authenticity, and originality to projects. Greg is inclusive whilst offering incisive critical thinking - a great asset to a team. Moreover, Greg is an ardent leader in the sustainability movement and has been for decades, he has always inhabited the essence of living his truth.

Tracey Lovejoy

TEAM DESIGN - Tracey inspires, coaches and supports those with a myriad of ideas and a deep drive for action that makes the world around them better. She helps Catalysts more confidently and powerfully change the world.

Tracey helps teams fully embody their super powers, get clear on their vision and take intentional steps toward that vision. She works 1:1 with catalyst team members, helping them unblock barriers manifest their visions and communicate their needs. Tracey makes sure teams they have the resilience and health to be ready for change and action.
As a trained social scientist, Tracey uses a blend of design thinking and scientific behavioral pattern identification that helps her get to the heart of the matter—with individuals, teams and systems. She shares directly with compassion, warmth and an eye toward results.

Shannon Lucas


Ericsson: VP, Head of emerging business global customer unit
15+ year successful track record in technology design & implementation, technical sales and innovation.

Shannon specializes in future trend analysis, driving innovation & intrapreneurial culture, and delivering transformational technology solutions.

As a program manager with a proven track record of delivering on time and under budget, she will keep the Room For Good team on target.

Shannon also brings innovation methodologies and internal cultural support mechanisms to Room For Good, iterating with us to make them successful and repeatable.

Georges Sassine


Tri-sector leader driven to solve large scale problems by leveraging the strength of all sectors - business, government, and civil society.
10+ years in the global energy industry with experiences in engineering, product management, marketing, business development, thought leadership, public policy, business and investment strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.


If you are still reading thank you! We have an additional 25 advisors who are leaders in their field. This is a testament to the power of this product and the nature of our approach. Please join us!