Room for Good is a home sharing platform

Finding affordable, safe housing for non-employees is a problem in all our cities, as housing prices rise and budgets for social services are stretched thin. Helping non-profit agencies provide great housing and a better quality of life for their workers is our goal.

Homeowners who have space to rent in the city feel secure because non-profit workers are vetted by their employers, and they can match with someone working in a field that they themselves care deeply about.

Room for Good helps build community in our cities and connects people with shared interests in mutually beneficial synergy. 



The Team 

The team is a diverse group of researchers, designers, creatives and developers who are passionate about making the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Melissa Cliver

CEO founder

Principal Designer Researcher and Strategist

Formerly Nordstrom Innovation, Cisco, Intel labs Consultant

Carnegie Mellon


Susan Maddux

UX /UI Designer

Concept Validation, Research and Design



Wiebke Poerschke

Principal UX Designer

Founder: Stich, acquired by Sugar CRM 

Formerly Salesforce

Carnegie Mellon


Michael McClure

Principal Full Stack Developer

Formerly Apple, Fitbit

UC Berkeley