Good for Cities

Cities are facing a real housing crisis.

A full-fledged housing crisis has gripped California, marked by a severe lack of affordable homes and apartments for middle-class families. The median cost of a home here is now a staggering $500,000, twice the national cost.
— NY Times

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In response to this crisis, Room for Good has found a way to house people in spaces that already exist, without the need for new construction. Building more is the standard solution for a housing shortage. But the reality is that many people have room in their homes and would rent space to the right candidate. By joining Room for Good, homeowners have the benefit of supporting their favorite services services as well as having access to a proven high-quality, vetted pool of potential tenants. 

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Amanda, Animal Rights Worker

"I can actually get to work in 25 minutes and I don't need to drive a car, which is crazy expensive. I never thought I would be able to live in such a beautiful home!"