Good people, good homes.


RoomForGood is a property rental platform that helps people stay in the communities they serve.
Public good pro’s like teachers, firefighters, and social workers can not afford to live where they work.

RoomForGood connects professionals who work for the public good with property owners who care about their communities.

We bring property owners back to the community.

The initial offering will allow users to share profiles, filter and search to find their match, starting with a preliminary step of selecting a community service they both value:

·      Education

·      Children and caregiving support

·      Ending homelessness

·      Environmental impact

A variety of housing options will be available offered by home providers with extra:

Roomshare / Apartments / Houses /Accessory Dwellings / Tiny houses.


for public good pro’s:

  1. Join through your employer

  2. Find a match

  3. Quit the commute!

*cover photo Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash - Thanks Nina!

for home providers:

  1. Choose your civic interest

  2. List your interest and profile

  3. Match with a public good professional

“Through my philanthropic work, I have seen first-hand that there many smart and dedicated people behind initiatives that are doing meaningful work to tackle society’s most pressing problems, from voter suppression to fake news. It’s because of them that I remain optimistic about our collective future, despite the real severity of these times.” - Craig Newmark

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