Good for Home provider

Our cities have a rising number of people living in homes with empty rooms who recognize the value in renting to vetted people working in the non-profit sector. 

Home providers feel good about contributing to the social health of the community, and enjoy supporting people working in areas they themselves are passionate about, such as Animal Rescue, the Arts or Education. 

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The Home provider

"I'm not able to be a foster parent, but I can help by providing affordable housing for Child Protective Service workers. I love the companionship and shared interests, and appreciate the vetting that comes with public agency employment.”

“The way society is moving there are a lot of people for whom money is not the most important priority that have an in- law or other space they’re willing to rent at a reasonable rate to someone doing good for the community. Everyone benefits, and it feels good to give something back.”
- KM, Homeowner