Good people, good homes.


Room For Good is a customizable housing service and digital platform matching essential community members, such as non-profit staff and civic employees, with home providers who have space.

The initial offering will allow users to share profiles, filter and search to find their match, starting with a preliminary step of selecting a community service they both value:

·      Education

·      Children and caregiving support

·      Ending homelessness

·      Environmental impact

A variety of housing options will be available offered by home providers with extra:

Roomshare / Apartments / Houses /Accessory Dwellings / Tiny houses.


for public service workers:

  1. Join through your employer

  2. Find a match

  3. Quit the commute!

for home providers:

  1. Choose your civic interest

  2. List your interest and profile

  3. Match with a public service worker