Room for Good is a home sharing platform

Finding affordable, safe housing for non-employees is a problem in all our cities, as housing prices rise and budgets for social services are stretched thin. Helping non-profit agencies provide great housing and a better quality of life for their workers is our goal.

Homeowners who have space to rent in the city feel secure because non-profit workers are vetted by their employers, and they can match with someone working in a field that they themselves care deeply about.

Room for Good helps build community in our cities and connects people with shared interests in mutually beneficial synergy. 



The Team 

The team is a diverse group of researchers, designers, creatives and developers who are passionate about making the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Melissa Cliver

Co-founder RoomForGood / Bay Area Civic Service Design

Principal Service Designer, Researcher and Business Strategist

RoomForGood is my newest collaboration and civic initiative. I lead a strategic projects specializing in early stage citizen centered / user experience, service design, research, and business model development. My primary design group Bay Area Civic Service Design partners with entities to help quickly uncover stakeholder needs (both internal and external) Our impact has a track record of investment and transformation unlocking wicked kinks in society, like RoomForGood is helping generate housing solutions for those of use who love our city.

We subscribe to a traditional systems /service design philosophy that features, details and strategies need to be considered for all stakeholders in a system. In order to truly solve the quagmires of todays world the only lens is a holistic one, and we know how to use it!

- All forms of foundational Research,( analogue, secondary, contextual, expert, landscape, market….)
- Service Design
- Business Model Design / Transformation
- Rapid features creation and future scenario development

Melissa Cliver Design and Research Consulting Clients include:

The Gates foundation, Women and Girls Lead, The Institute for Money Technology and Financial Inclusion, Intel labs, Cisco systems, Brooklyn Art (founder / owner), 31Grand Gallery (co-founder / owner), Nordstrom Innovation, Women In Product, Artefact, Grameen Foundation,

Carnegie Mellon (Masters in Design - Service, Interaction and Communication)

Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts (Masters of Fine Art -video and photography)


Nicole Cousino - Co-founder RoomForGood / Founder/CEO of Nature Commode, LLC, an integrated sustainable sanitation/nutrient reclamation solution

A thought leader in the civic circle economy and sustainability champion, with over 20 years in program development and management in the commercial, government, and nonprofit sectors. I bring to RoomForGood a diverse skill set in strategic development, resiliency planning, renewable resource application and creative communication. 

I was at the forefront of another civic sustainable movement: waste grease-to-biodiesel. Well before there was mainstream awareness about this alternative fuel, I led two landmark projects, the first waste grease-to-biodiesel demonstration projects in the United States. This very successful project generated national and international media attention, including coverage by CNN, BBC, NPR, and USA Today.

I'm committed to true transformation and the advancement of society toward smart, planet friendly existence.